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The DWI Arrest in Queens, NY

The Arrest Process

The usual arresting agency in Queens is the New York City Police Department. The NYPD is divided into many divisions but usually it is the patrol division or the Highway Unit that makes the arrest. A driver will be pulled over for an alleged traffic violation. Often, the police officers will pull a driver over simply because they are profiling drivers which is the vehicle version of Stop and Frisk. They then will ask the driver if he has had anything to drink. If the driver admits to drinking any alcohol at any time, he will be placed under arrest.

The driver will then be asked to take physical tests and take the Breathalyzer test in front of a camera. While the interaction in the street is usually not videotaped, all of the interactions in the Breathalyzer room are videotaped. This is a very important piece of evidence as it shows the driver’s physical condition at the time of arrest.

If the driver refuses the tests, he will be arrested and brought before a Queens judge for arraignment. This process usually takes 14-20 hours and can be very traumatic for those who have never been arrested before. Once in front of the judge, the arraignment process starts.