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Queens DWI Arraignment

What Happens At A Queens DWI Arraignment?

After you have been processed by the NYPD, you will be placed in a holding cell to wait for your arraignment. An arraignment serves two major purposes. First, the defendant is officially presented with the charges against him. Secondly, the judge will determine if the defendant will have to post bail in order to be released. This is a crucial time in a DWI case. There are other procedural issues that occur regarding your license and your vehicle. The time between your arrest and you being arraigned will usually take 18-24 hours.

This is a time to have an experienced DWI lawyer in your corner. The judge will consider your criminal record, if any, warrant history, and your roots in the community. An effective presentation of your side will sway a judge not to set bail and release you and allow you to come back on your own. Also, because the vast majority of the arraignments in Queens are done by Legal Aid lawyers, having a private lawyer will speed up the process and allow you to get out of jail faster.

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